Babel Business Edition:
Encrypt and protect your corporate communication

Babel Business Edition:
Encrypt and protect your corporate communication

Protect your company’s confidential information and internal communications from outside intruders by implementing our unique solution, which gives you your own in-house encrypted communication channel that can only be accessed by your company’s personnel.

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  • Cross platform communication – iOS and Android devices.
  • Modern, intuitive and easy to use system of private, confidential and secure communication within your company.
  • End-to-end security, as only sender and recepient can decrypt messages. Benefits of scalability – an unlimited number of users can be involved in secure communication thanks to the Public Key Directory.
  • Revolutionize the security of your business and your employees’ productivity with a mobile app that encrypts messages and ensures safe communication even on the go.
  • Complete and permanent supervision over a whole infrastructure. There’s no need to trust a third party. Your company becomes a service provider. We only deliver a solution: software (mobile app and admin software) and hardware (server and its configuration).
  • The most important feature is that the server, once installed and configured, stays in your company’s facility and is run by your company’s admin.
  • Main advantage over encrypted E-Mail and Digital Certificates – is simplicity – it is easy to set-up, with no need to buy, renew, distribute or validate certificates.

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